We thank all who have showed an interest in our family fishing pension of a married couple Blanka and Václav Kotens. We will provide you with a pleasure other additional information. If you have a chance to contact us, please, by phone or e-mail. It’s quick, efficient and you will get known everything at once. We are trying to act as fast as it is possible. In case of written form of dealing we ask you for your patience and understanding.

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Family Fishing pension

Osek - Vystrkov 8
267 62 Komarov u Horovic
GPS: 49°49‘34.015“N, 13°52‘12.419“E

Vaclav Koten

Tel.: +420 725 33 85 84

Blanka Kotenová

Tel.: +420 725 33 83 93


Responsible persons: Vaclav and Blanka Kotens

Vaclav Koten:
+420 725 33 85 84

Blanka Kotenova:
+420 725 33 83 93

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