House rules

Our dear guests, welcome to our place and let us inform you about the rules of running and we thank you in advance for following them.

  • Accommodation facility is allowed to accommodate only such a guest who will properly check in. For the purpose the guest will provide an identity card, passport or any other valid identity document.
  • Settlement for the accommodation and services connected is effected in cash on the first day including a caution of 1.000,- CZK for possible equipment damage caused by guests. The caution is handed back on the last day of the stay.
  • Using of the pension is allowed to the persons who are not cursed with infection illnesses.
  • Guest uses the room for the period agreed with the pension keeper or his representative. On the day of arriving (if there was not made any special agreement) the guest can accommodate not before than 2.00 p.m.
  • If there is not any special agreement the time to check out is set at 10.00 am on the last day at the latest and it’s also the deadline to leave the room. If not the pension is allowed to bill the guest another day of staying or to move the guest out without his permission.
  • In case of the stay abortion or interrupting without quartermaster’s infliction there is no claim to get back any part of the settlement.
  • On arrival the guest checks the equipment of the room according to the list. In case there are any discrepancies the guest informs the pension owner at once.
  • It isn’t allowed to keep any dangerous animals in the accommodation part. Dogs or other animals may be kept there with the owner’s approval or his representative only. The animal owner is obliged to prove animal good condition and present a valid certificate of vaccination.
  • In case of any defect connected with the building it’s necessary to inform the quartermaster at once and his duty is to repair it. If the defect isn’t repaired it’s necessary to make a protocol about it which is needed to admit the claim. It’s necessary to lodge the claim 3 working days after the finishing of the stay at the latest.
  • The guest is obliged, in case he causes a property damage, to settle it in cash on the spot.
  • The quartermaster doesn’t bear any responsibility for the property damage of the quest as well the things kept freely at the common places with a free access for other guests.
  • The owner of the pension also doesn’t bear any responsibility for injuries. Responsibility to individuals or body at law abides with the civil code.
  • The quartermaster makes all measures to avoid health affecting of his guests. The quartermaster doesn’t bear the responsibility of the guest’s health during ordinary activities. We ask the quests not to keep wards without supervision. Neither the health or the life is insured by the quartermaster.
  • Guests are obliged to keep the building and surrounding places clean. In case of a considerable pollution is caused they are obliged to secure its removing.
  • The guest is obliged during his stay to respect silent hours since 10.00 pm till 07.00 am.
  • Smoking and making a fire is prohibited in a pension. Making hot meal and drinks is allowed in the kitchen only. Breaking these rules may lead to the immediate termination of the stay without any claim to refund the money paid for the stay.
  • For the sake of energy saving the owner is asking his guests not to ventilate long especially in winter time. To change the temperature in the room is necessary to reset the thermostat or to turn to the quartermaster to do so.
  • The equipment is not allowed to be removed or taken out of the rooms.
  • It isn’t allowed to use any electrical appliances in the rooms except the ones for the use of personal hygiene.
  • On any leaving the room the guest is obliged to turn the taps off, to close the windows, to switch off all appliances, to turn off the lights and lock the door.
  • On departing the guest is obliged to hand back the keys at the place agreed earlier. In case of losing keys is the guest obliged to cover all connected expenses.
  • At the moment of the settlement of the deposit or full amount of the stay the guest acknowledges this house rules and agrees with it.
  • Each accommodated guest is obliged to acquaint oneself with it and to follow it. In case of its serious or repeated breaking the owner is entitled to cancel the accommodation with no refund.
  • All parts of the house rules are valid without exceptions.

The house rules have been valid since January 1, 2010 until its withdrawal.

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Blanka Kotenova:
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